Mannequin script not working

Hi there, when I was testing whether I can purchase a shirt from a mannequin I couldn’t do it as it gives this error

Here is the script:

id = script.Parent.Parent.Config.ShirtID.Value

    function onClicked(player)

This is configuration of the shirt mannequin

Just put the ID in the script.

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Would that stop the error? I feel like that would just make the code more neater

It might, Dont’t know, Just try it.
I would also remove the ,2

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What does the 2 do? Ngl I got it from a pack from community resources.

Just remove it, and add the ID.

Try removing the ‘2’. That is meant for the equipIfPurchased parameter.


Are you sure the ID you put inside the ShirtID’s Value is correct? Or maybe the shirt itself isn’t on sale.

I’m pretty sure I did it right but I’ll double check that.

I realised the problem was with the variable created in the script as I was meant to put “ShirtPurchaseID” instead of ShirtID (which is for the template of the shirt)