Mano County Unlocked | Game Rules

Mano County Unlocked | Official Game Rules

Civilian Rules

As a civilian, there are some guidelines that we put in place to ensure safety of all of our public employees. The rules that are listed below are what you will be required to follow.

  • Spawn killing is not permitted whatsoever by any individual. If you are found doing this you are subject to a warning up to a ban based on severity.

  • Random killing is not allowed at any point by any individual. If this is violated, you are subject to a warning.

  • Leaving / Resetting to avoid arrest is not permitted on any level by our administration. If you are found doing so, it will be an immediate 3 day ban.

  • Flipping during a pursuit is not tolerated, and will result in a removal from the server.

  • Roblox Terms of Service applies at all times while at our games. If these are found being violated, you will receive a permanent ban.

Officer Rules

As an official officer, you will be required at all times to follow these rules. If they are found being violated, you will be risking a revocation of the officer position you hold.

  • Random shooting at civilians will not be allowed at any times.

  • You must wear a uniform at all times, unless you are running an undercover unit.

  • You must roleplay any heavy duty weapon being pulled out or slinged.

  • If you flip during a pursuit, you are not able to flip over and continue. You are required to flip over and continue patrolling.

  • Absuing the radio is not tolerated, and you can be kicked if found doing so.

Server Moderator

Upon purchasing server moderator, you agree that at any point we have the right to revoke your admin and ban you if you fail to meet our requirements.

  • You are only allowed to use commands on yourself or on another player if they give you permission or ask.

  • Using abusive commands is not allowed whatsoever and will result in an immediate blacklist of your commands.

  • Colliding with staff resources is not allowed at any point by any user. If this occurs, staff have the right to issue a warning and respawn you.

  • Not all rules will be listed here, and will be added onto as we go. Use common sense at all times and make sure to keep updated with this list of rules