Mansion/house building

took me about 4 hours to make the first floor
I didn’t use the toolbox since I made it when my internet turned off.

edit: this took about 5000 parts and a few hundred unions


This is very… weird.

The house is massive but it’s extremely empty.

I also can’t even tell what most of the rooms are supposed to be.

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Right. I forgot to add the word “empty” in it. Since it’s a not bought house. My plugins weren’t working so I couldn’t add any labels.

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Oh, but I think this is a bit too empty still, in some parts. There’s pretty much nothing in the first picture besides that room.

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It’s very plain and doesn’t have much texture. The wooden walls don’t really pop out and the floor and the walls being the same color with a different color roof, just don’t really go together.

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I agree with something that @SneakerDude2 said. The plugins do not really matter. I find out you are a newbie at building such big interiors, so I suggest you use blueprints and placing robloxian to size stuff.

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I had no internet so it wouldn’t let me place any rigs (robloxians)

if your wondering how I still built, it lets me build during no internet if I was already in.