Many old and bestselling UGC items randomly deleted for no reason recently

This past week there have been many reports among fellow UGC creators about their old UGC items getting randomly deleted for no reason. These UGC items are several months old and not guideline-breaking/IP-infringing at all, with some of them having earned over 100,000 sales. Additionally, the deletions refund the buyers but leave no moderation notification in the message inbox for the UGC creator; thus there could potentially be a lot more random deletions not included in this post or discovered.

Asset IDs of some of the randomly deleted UGC items and their respective UGC creators:

  • 11365906721 by GuestCapone (deleted on Sept. 16 PST)
  • 14363413675 by CoolDestroyer89 (deleted on Sept. 16 PST)
  • 12788789968 by Rockerite (unknown date)
  • 8691543079 by Rookstun (deleted on Sept. 14 PST)


Case of a UGC item that was randomly deleted this week but recently restored already through support:


I just had this happen to me recently so its still going on, and i have gotten no Message, email or anything on why it would be deleted

You really can notice that it’s inappropriate for Roblox.

Thanks for the report.We’ll follow up when we have an update for you!

I am the creator of the item (ID: 11886328486). Although the item was restored, roblox refunded everyone that bought said item. My pending amount dropped from 2M+ to 800k+, and 6M+ robux was removed from my group’s total sales. Currently, my group’s total sales are at - 6M robux, which would cause my future devex requests to be denied. This basically means that I have lost all the robux that I’ve earned from it.


Also happening on clothing recently

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