Many players unable to join VIP servers on their phone

Hello, I’m receiving reports from players (and myself) who can’t join any VIP server of any game while on their phone. Does not seem to be limited to type of phone. We just get an error along the lines of “We are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later”. Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve also gotten some reports of server malfunction-like behavior from a dozen people saying server-required actions in games they’re playing aren’t working at all, but it seems less widespread than the VIP server problem.


This has been an issue for over nearly 2 years, as well have someone said this to David Bazucki himself, and yeah, I’ve also been experienced with this issue a lot recently.


I can confirm that people can’t join their VIP servers on phone, at least, in my game, but I’m guessing it’s hapenning for all games. I received multiple reports too, and they all got the said error.


I’m getting a lot more reports about this the last few days. All reports coming from iPhone users. We need some staff attention on this, users think us developers have some sort of control over VIP servers as it relates to this, but we don’t.


The fact that this has been an issue for so long is ridiculous. ROBLOX is full of people who use mobile and many people who use VIP servers. I don’t understand why this issue is being almost completely ignored? This is an issue for both developers and the player base, developers may lose profit from a lack of VIP server sales. I don’t understand the miscommunication here.