Many popup windows do not respond to keyboard

Reproduction Steps

Change something in a Package Linked object and publish to Roblox

Expected Behavior

This popup window (and many others in Studio) should respond to the keyboard (left and right arrows to change buttons, Enter to confirm, etc).

Actual Behavior

For example, the popup window to delete breakpoints is keyboard responsive:


However, the window to publish changes (and many others) is not keyboard responsive:


You must maintain a STANDARDIZATION of keyboard behavior for all Studio windows.


I am obliged to use the mouse in cases where the keyboard does not work.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


I can’t even safe by press Ctrl + S.
well new studio style so ok then I will wait

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This isn’t only good for commodity but also accessibility. People with certain mobility issues might find it hard to work with a mouse and would have an easier time navigating everything with keyboard shortcuts.

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Hi thanks for the report. Are you still experiencing this issue?

I think if you had tested it before asking, you would see that the problem still persists:

I would like to add, that in the new Roblox desktop app, the search does not properly respond to keyboard input.

On the website, you can do a search, and use arrow-down key, to select other items in the dropdown.

Not so, on the new Roblox desktop app, where keyboard accessibility does not seem to have been a design parameter.