[MAP BUILD] I need Ideas?

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I have looked through countless threads regarding this, but sadly I can never find an answer that satisfies me? I am developing a simulator game, and the map design has got me at a stomp because I cannot get it right, I cannot find the right theme?

My game design is a typical clicker simulator - but we have a different rebirth system in place, replacing eggs for something else, and more interactive activities than just… clicking and rebirthing over and over.

This game will have multiple islands, and the first island I am trying to go neutral so I can add theme after theme and let the game go from there.

Any suggestions on the theme I should go with for the first island, and if so, what design would you recommend?

Thank you!


Unrelated to your question, but I recommend catching with the RNG trend as clicker simulators are dying and becoming less popular.

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Honestly, you have probably just given me a new idea for the game - changing the entire concept for what hasn’t been done before on Roblox Simulators.

I won’t go in detail the idea as It’ll take me a while to develop and I don’t want any chances of someone taken the idea!

Thank you!

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