Map Builder ($30-50 USD) [CLOSED]

Hi! I’m looking for a builder to make 1 map for a murder game that I am working on.


  • Map overall size: 150x150 - 200x200
  • Experienced in making maps similar to MM2
  • Not looking for a wide open map; must include hallways, leveling (stairs, ladders, ect.), hiding spots, hidden passage ways.
  • Expecting the map to be finished within 2 weeks or less
  • Can provide a portfolio

Willing to pay 30-50 USD depending on quality.

Contact me on Discord, eliserrs#2818 if you are interested.


Could we get the pay in robux?

I’m currently limited to USD payment rather than group payment. Sorry! :frowning:

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Hi! Im extremely interested in constructing a murder map for you!


Sent you a friend request on Discord

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Hello! I am interested in working with you and would like to apply, here is my portfolio: [OPEN] AlvinPolys - Modeling/Building/Scripting FAST BUILDER/MODELER
As mentioned in the current offer, a map of that size would be completed in just 3 days. If I meet your expectations, please hit me up on discord @AlvinPolys#0001

Can vouch for Ex_lus, good builder and professional. Have worked with him in the past, he is good at building maps.

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