Map Building Mindset

I’ve taken quite some time in learning to build and make builds decently detailed for specific genres, however, I’ve focused a lot on houses and such. I see people building maps and I don’t really understand what sort of mindset or goals you should set to get to that map. For example, if I was building a medieval times map with lots of forestry what would I do to make it look natural, and how would I even make the environment look like it’s sort of realistic.


Very interesting question which is difficult to answer. The workflow varies from person to person, one might start from building the entire terrain for the map while the other will pre-build some assets for the map (and some combine those and work as they build everything).

My personal mindset when it comes to building a map is defining straight goals, requirements and the way I will go around building a map. I will either write it up as a design proposal or write bullet points if I feel confident enough in the execution, this helps define the terms and boundaries for the map to prevent from either getting unmotivated or just overworking myself.

As for realism, it is important to do lighting tests, experiment with different effects like sun rays, etc. and look to work with things like time of day, particle effects. Texturing is another important thing if you wish to rely on it, comprehensive textures can make flat builds look much more defined and give it additional depth, at that I would say build quality comes next, add enough details to give an object the properties of it’s real life counter part so they look very similar with scale and proportions.

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Thank you for the answer! I’ll definitely use that for map creation in the future.

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