Map building tutorial Videos for Roblox

Hey guys, does anyone know any good map building tutorials for roblox? or any I could start with to learn on how to build maps? Specifically villages and forests?


EDIT: I should have said specifically in Blender.

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I’m actually using this one right now for a commission. Very useful advice from the great builder @TrustMeImRussian. I suggest reading it through!

Edit: I saw you said villages and forests. That tutorial is aimed more specifically towards fps-type games. However, many of the concepts (including the one regarding terrain in Ruski’s later post) can be applied to your theme. Villages can be planned out in the same way (make shape, mark doorways, build up, etc.) and you can make the terrain for the forest like Ruski said here.


Here is some links to some tutorials,


these might be long tutotrials but its good to learn

hope this help :grinning:

Rose is looking for tutorials on how to build maps, not where to build maps.

It’s better to search for understanding the functions of blender before you start any huge projects, then you’ll be able create things on your own no tutorial needed.