Map Design for Noob Survival

The Map

About the Map

I tried to make it look like a cartoony forest, with the lighting properties, the map is placed on a island in the middle of the ocean, where you can find noobs to [oof] for cash and hats

Does the map fit the games theme?

tell me your opinions below!

see you soon!


The map looks pretty good, however, it feels a bit empty.

You should add variation of trees rather than the same exact trees all over the map, you could adjust the green colour slightly on different trees.

I would like to see some more rocks spread throughout the map, this would make the map feel more like a cartoony forest.

Overall, the map looks great, however some adjusting would be needed in order to make the map even better.

Good luck on your game.


ok! ill do that now, thanks for the feedback!

do you like the logo?

Cool map, love the low poly style maybe add a few more things like some buildings instead of just trees and rocks everywhere.

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:eyes: Maybe im already working o it :o

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