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Hello, I am Streeteenk - a map designer and low-poly modeler. I have been developing at Roblox since 2019 and collaborated directly to over 150M visits. I have experiences in every development area - including management. Been part of DevRel’ PT/BR Community Ambassadors program since 2020. I really enjoy what I do!

Spotlights in: Streeteenk (@BRDevEngagementTeam Interview)


Given for participation in the official DevRel workshop “What’s the next step?”

“Freelance at Roblox: how to sell commissions, attract customers and promote my products”

Given for participation in DevRel International’s Game Jam Challenge that lasted 48 hours.

Perdidos no Tempo - “Lost in Time”


Whenever possible I am available, especially on weekends. However, I prefer to keep my Mondays and Fridays free.

  • Map Design commissions can take 4-30+ days.
  • 3D Modeling commissions can take days or hours, will be discussed in person.


I have made more than 38 commissions, however, only some will be shown here by client preference, some are just showcase.

Map Design

Newest > Oldest

Cyberpunk Map - Roplex Army
Design collab with @Guga028

Play Skies

Forest Map - Roplex Army
Design collab with @Guga028

Play Skies

Alien Map - Roplex Army
Design collab with @Guga028

Play Skies

Dino Volcano - Spectral Roblox
Design collab with @Guga028

Play World Defenders

Ice Age - Spectral Roblox
Design collab with @Guga028

Play World Defenders

Easter Town - Spectral Roblox
Design collab with @Guga028

Play World Defenders

Basher Valley - Spectral Roblox
Design collab with @Guga028

Play World Defenders

Corridor of Rage - MoIten Studios

Play Corridor of Rage

Candy Hunters - FaIIen Studios
Design collab with @Guga028

Play Candy Hunters

Candy Hunters Trailer - YouTube
Unknown, 75%
Unknown, 75%
Unknown, 75%

Lost in Time - DevRel 48h GameJam
Design collab with @Guga028

Play Perdidos no Tempo - “Lost in Time”

- YouTube
Unknown, 75%

Buddy Busters - BlendItGames
Idea collab with @HGRIsSad

Christmas Dimension - FamedChris
Design collab with @HGRIsSad

Workout Island Remake - Codesoft

Lava Dungeon - FamedChris

Graveyard - FamedChris

Kitten Adoption Center - Erythia

Hit Simulator - BlendIt Games

Earth's Revenge - Showcase

This was made in 2 hours for Let’s Blox building championship, the theme was “Area 51 & Aliens”; Earned 2nd!

Sewer Simulator - Skarp

Simulator Map - VirtualPugtato

Medieval Village - CodeZeroGamin

Simulator Map - Showcase

3D Modeling

There are a lot more jobs I want to add over time, I just need to render them! Something like 200 props lol




Image manipulation*



  • Please come to me respectfully!
  • You will only have full access to the job result after full payment.
  • There will be no refund. Therefore payment is recommended at the end.
  • I have the right to stop everything at any time if you insult me, hurry me or any kind of injury.
  • The price will be negotiated in person, and any changes to the work order will be charged.
  • Only accept payment from Robux through group funds. Real money payment is accepted in any international currency, but exchange rates will be charged.
  • I have the full right to increase 35% of the price of any commission in case of hasty delivery time.
  • You must provide in detail everything I must do, I will not accept it if it does not seem clear. Providing images for inspiration is required.
  • If you are a Map Design customer, you will receive a folder in Google Drive with all the files used in this work, but only after payment.
  • You can only hire me or order through a form.



My prices can vary greatly from situation to situation, so I accept negotiations. My preferred payment method is Paypal. Also, I can do Bundles.

  • Map Design

    • robux 20,000+ Robux
    • U$ 50.00+ USD
  • 3D Modeling

    • robux 1,000+ Robux
    • U$ 2.00+ USD


Social Media for Contact

Do not send order requests through those, use this form.

Order Feedback

Take my satisfaction survey if you are already a customer, or see results if you are not.
Here is another portfolio.

Hope you enjoy my work! :grin:



Competent modeler and builder with absurd creativity, one of the best devs I know, I guarantee he won’t let you down!


I HIGHLY suggest contacting Streeteenk. I have known him for a long time and have seen his growth as a modeler and he won’t let you down!


Have hired for many different projects and have always got my order with top quality. Makes your deadlines and works with your budget. Highly recommend Street!


All of your creations looks very nice.

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What are all your tools you use?


I use everything I can, Blender, Roblox Studio and Photoshop. I often make my assets in Blender and then take them to Roblox Studio, where I assemble the maps like a puzzle, all calculated so that there is no lag.

I really enjoy doing a stress test using hundreds of loops on a cheap mobile device and can’t run at less than 28fps, if the map passes the “test” it is delivered to the client, otherwise I make the necessary adjustments.

My work has a lot of quality, and this is the reality!


How long did it take to learn blender 2.8 and how may I also ask?

I use Blender 2.79b. So I have no answer to your question :confused:

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How about 2.79 then (30Characters)

I ask to continue this in direct forum posts, this is irrelevant information for a portfolio, if there are no problems with that, of course! I just don’t want pollution

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Hey, I’m interested in getting some help renovating my game’s lobby! I reached out on discord.

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I just want to let you know that what you have here is just true talent. I honestly cannot say that I have seen so much creativity and experience in one portfolio. You have true talent and a future on this platform. I truly do hope to someday work with you.

Never give up.

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Hello! I am Gat, I am creator of Signs Studio! I have the robux to Support my game 100k+ just I am looking for a team to BUILD it. I have the ideas and all. Even layout plans. I just can’t build myself. I can do UI and scripts. Thanks for reading. More details can be given in discord. SignsDev7382.

I am interested in hiring you, my tag is Quionew#2800