Map designer needed [CLOSED]

It’s a pretty small job, I just need someone to help make a cyberpunk city layout with me. I’ve already got assets produced for the map, so no building will be needed at all.

It can get pretty easy to lose sight with all the gameplay requirements the map needs to meet. I’ll be giving 5k robux through group funds for your time as no building at all will be needed for this job.

You can contact me on
Discord: Maxx#7549
Twitter: @ Maxx_JNM

or here on devforums.
I’ll give more info in private messages.

Edit: I’ve gotten multiple applicants but I’m paying on a first come first serve basis. I’m only paying 5k for one layout. I’ll only reimburse for notable entries that didn’t make it.

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@MachoGodus has a really good eye for detail, and is very talented with building in studio.

I’m not sure if he is on dev forum though.

I’ve posted this in the public collaboration section, so he should be able to see it regardless of whether he is a member of the devforums or not.

Thanks for the recommendation however I can’t message him on Roblox nor do I know his other accounts on other media.

DM’d you on Twitter.

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