Map Generator (Update 1.2)

I’m back with a new update!
For my plugin that generates simulator maps for you, In this update I have revamped the plugins UI, added a new Island map type, added map particles in the snow maps, fall maps, and the new Island maps, I have also done a lot of small bug fixes (if you find any please let me know), And lasty there’s now a total of over 160+ different assets that can be generated, and 7 unique map types.

This plugin helps you save hours on building, and if you would like to get the plugin for yourself you can here! Map Generator - Creator Store (

(Make sure to reset studio for the plugin to work)

Thanks to all the people that helped me make the plugin!
nkowz / Scripting
HardlyADev / Building
QuixPlayss / Modeling
Glimmer / Modeling
AncientRyland / Modeling


It looks awesome for simulator games, Well done!