Map Improvement for The Talkative's Hangout

Hi, so I created this game, then from a previous post, I asked for feedback and some say that the maps are too big and it has too much empty spaces. So, I (probably) improved the map.
Here are the screenshots:

(The first pic is before renovation and the second and last is after the renovation.)
Feel free to give me feedback and tell me your thoughts about the map.
And if I created this post on the wrong category, please tell me.

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This is in the correct category. The map is kind of empty, there is too many spaces between the buildings. Nevertheless the map isn’t that bad!


I think the place looks nice, but empty, you could add some trees and and maybe speed pads if they fit in the game so the player moves faster around. Also, try decorating the barrier more! It will look epic!


You should fill in the empty spots. Perhaps with sidewalks, trees, and some more roads beside the center?


Thank you! I’ll add some things later on to fill the remaining empty spaces.

Since it’s a hangout game, maybe not add speed pads, thanks anyways! A barrier might actually look cool.

Alright, I’ll try that. Thanks!