Map Leaking Has Gone Too Far | Any Solutions?

Exploiters can’t copy scripts from games, they can just copy the buildings.

you came 7 months later, and no, they can copy scripts that are visibile to client data model

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Sorry for the rebump, but yes, exploiters can just download everthing if they have acces to it. A localscript is on the client, so in the PC of the exploiter. So he could just copy it. Same as all the others Things that you can see. Everthing that you can directly use (localscripts, some modulescripts required by localscripts) or that you can see (a whole map) is on the machine (PC). The data is there, else you would just have a blank game. What the exploit code do is that he just reads the same data and use it to create a copy of the game. Pls, before just spreading missinformations, you really should know enough about the topic. If you only read 20 replys you would see that it was said over 5 times. So at this point I really ask you if you really did read the topic.

And for your topic, @FPSVision, I am sorry to hear this, but no game is secured from map leaking, even larger games like Fortnite, Overwatch, etc…. At this point I really ask me if there is, beside the traditional DMCA, any other method to try to prevent this (idk, like stop exploitscripts from working etc…), but it would be impossible. Hope that after 1 year the problem is solved!

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Crystal Anitcheat blocks saveinstance() and dark dex.

There is no way to stop it unless adding code in it to corrupt anyone who wants to take it but with all the new exploits scamming has become more common the best thing to do is report it under DMCA make sure all your items are copyright

Not sure what you mean. If you have the place file you can take that code out. It’s not like it’ll run in Studio mode and you can’t destroy your place file for anyone other than yourself unless you also want your production game to be tacky as well.

Map theft prevention discussions are silly. Report copies or send legal notices through the correct channels. This is an inherent problem in any game engine ever, not just Roblox.


I once had a whole game taken and I sent it in to roblox and nothing happened so everything must be copyright.I mean when I say add code add code into the build so if people take it there is a chance that the code wont let them join or use the building,But you are right there is no good way yet to stop fraud unless legal matters with DMCA.

Perhaps you can turn your assets into packages, which you can set so that only you and the other developers can use them. Here’s how:

  1. Left-click one or more of the models in your experience and select “Convert to package.”
  2. Input the information about the asset when prompted to. The description is not mandatory.
  3. Hit “Submit” and you’re done!

To prevent your maps being stolen, just make horrible maps. No one will want to steal a bad map.


I recommend using modulescripts and uploading them to your account. If a map is leaked, you can private all the code and prevent things in games from functioning.