Map Loading system

Hello fellow Developers.
So, I have some simple questions. I’m planning to make map loading system. so for example every 40 minutes a new map will load and the last one will disappear. I’m aiming at around 15k parts for each map. And here are the questions: Will it cause lag spikes while loading a map? Will it crash some of the peoples devices? Any tips of reducing lag while loading a map? The meshes I’m currently using don’t have many tris (triangles). Here’s the example of the map style:

Sorry if this is a wrong topic and if the same question was already asked, couldn’t find any.
Grateful for any help.

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I suggest using unions (or meshes) and trying to keep parts cubical when possibile, back in the beginning of 2021 two map builders made a very good optimized map for me: decently sized without many parts, only a few thousands.

The game loads maps based off game modes, and I haven’t met any problems so far. I’d say give it a try.