Map Optimization Issues

Hey there,

So I am currently working on a huge project. This project has a couple thousand trees. With these trees comes an optimization issue. The game seems to be extremely laggy in studio, but once published the game is fine.

What should I do to help optimize the game? I have already enabled streamingenabled, and are using the streamingmesh option for the levelofdetail for our models.

Any ideas?

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Check out my reply on this post, the link will give you optimization ideas:

Also make sure parts like humanoid parts arent accidentally left in the workspace they will lag your studio but not the game.

Did you enable StreamingEnabled?

if the game lag in Studio.
Safe the edit each 5 minutes.
Edit Quality level = lv 1.
Build with 8-0.125/0.1 studs.
Open 1 Studio.
CPU not 2 or 5 years old.
Don’t use team create.
delete trash running model (Idle one include).
Well there are more but usually this always works to me