Map Security Anti-Virus

What Does Map Security Mean?

Map Security is a plugin that safeguards a game from malware. It was an anti-virus plugin built to fight virus script and protect game from unwanted script.

UI example:


How To Use?

Just click a image Button and the plugin will scan an entire game for you.
when scan is done it will show results like this if it detects a virus :microbe:

What Do Those 4 Buttons Do?
  • [Block] : Disable a virus script
  • [Remove] : Remove a virus script
  • [Open] : Open a virus script if you want to remove ONLY virus, not a script
  • [Ignore] : false positives? Ignore that script and add to “Ignore List”
What else?
  1. We have auto scan :

  2. Instant Scan : Normal scan is too slow? go enable “Instant Scan” in setting and now it scans 268 scripts per 0.5 second or 536 script per 1 second means it scans up to 793.33333333333% faster. (Depends on your computer :smile:)

  3. “Ignore List” is different from other plugin: Is based on script path, not script name

Microsoft_Defender_2020_Fluent_Design_icon GO GET PLUGIN! MapSecurity

sorry if my grammar is terrible :slight_smile:

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I feel like an anti-virus plugin is not really useful at this day in age. I have never seen any viruses in any models for a while now, and I think already existing anti-viruses are good for now.


Sounds great!
Would use it 100% (if I would be working with someone that I can’t trust that much or actually use the Toolbox…)

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yeah, I know but still I see virus in my friend game somehow.

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almost all virus is outdated now and idk why I made this plugin. :yawning_face:

Why is the icon of this plugin is literally a image of Windows Defender anti-virus? Couldn’t you make your own icon for your plugin?

  1. you used the windows defender icon for the icon, is it hard to create your own icons???

  2. We don’t even use require() for viruses, it’s for modules to be used

  3. I don’t even see a virus on a free model for a long time, in fact, I barely even use free models (I mostly get these from #resources:community-resources)

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