Map Size Suggestions

Hello, I am making a game based off The Purge, and I am wondering about map size.

I am currently working at making blueprints for the map so I can create modular mesh parts to create buildings. The red circle you see there is a robloxian for reference.

my question to you is, is this map too big, too small, or perfect? This will most likely be a 30 person server, with battle royale type fighting (Cars too).


If you’re going for battle royale then you’ll want a bigger map most likely (depending on the game style, mechanics, how players load into the game, etc). If they just get teleported to a random spawn point then they that is a pretty good size, but if they skydive in then you’ll want it bigger most likely.


Players will spawn together, with a 1 minute countdown for them to spread out.


Oh, well then I think that is a really good size. If I were you I’d add some underground spots and let people go into builders etc as well, though.

Also, to make the map feel bigger you can use some visual tricks like moutain meshes to add more depth to the overall map.


I think you sould add more space and extend the map more.

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This doesn’t really go with what you were asking but maybe instead of having them spawn in one spot, you could put multiple spawn points around the map.