Map Terrain And Parts Change Position When I Play The Game

Ok did any of you ever make a game but the map changes it’s position every time you play the game?

here is a video for example

  1. Teleport In Touch. many people use something like that to make their game right? but you need to know that something like this can broke your game. We can get Teleport On Touch model for free on ToolBox.

  2. The map Terrain and Parts position separate when I play it or the longer I play it. So when I test the game I spawn like normal but. The map terrain is not in the same position anymore. And The longer I play The game The terrain just keeps further and further.

  3. I know what makes that happen. Did I have an On Touch Teleporter in my game? yes I do. I just need to Anchor them or make sure no Unanchored Parts Touch The Teleporter or make sure the Teleporter Does not touch any Terrain.
    Ok so I use a Free model back in that day and I have tested other model but most Of them have the same bug.

  4. What if we need the Teleporter? ok we can use something else like using GUI or Click Or ProximityPrompt. but what if I need it to teleport parts? ok example you can do is making an NPC that can respawn and die so the body parts can fall and go back again.

Ok so, can anyone help me? why this could happen? I need someone to explain why It can teleport all parts in Workspace?

here is more video if you did not understand, sorry
How To Fix If Your Game Terrain And Map Teleport Or Change Position When You Play It [Roblox Studio] - YouTube

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Are the Parts Anchored?


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Are all the Parts/Models/Meshes being Teleported, or just moved? When you use a teleport system from Roblox’s scripts (Teleporting Within a Place) only the Player gets teleported.

I’d be concerned about ANY free models with scripts in them from the Toolbox. The script may have been tampered with by the person who made the free model and that could be why your items are moving.
The fact that the Teleporter needs to be Anchored and not touching anything concerns me. A teleporter that is just supposed to move players around should be checking for the player’s Humanoid, and not just moving anything that touches it.

How far from Workspace center (0,0,0) are these models? If you get too far and there are a few calculations involved then ‘floating point error’ may be a factor in part placement. It’s basically the computer rounding numbers and causing inconsistencies with the results when you get further and further from center.

As @Proville6 asked, are your models Anchored?

yes all the parts but not the parts that touch the teleporter.
but all parts that is anchored or unanchored change it’s position.

and the parts change from {23, 5, -60} to {65, 25, -412}
distance between teleporter 1 and 2 is {16, 1, 145}
well I don’t know what makes the position change sometimes far and sometimes no.
but the Teleporter distance affect the Part position distance.

are they teleported yes they are you can check the video link.

that they teleport if 1 unanchored part touch the teleporter well sometimes yes and sometimes no.

You need to use the Reply button on the post you are replying to. That’s how a person knows you replied.
Since your English is not good it’s difficult to understand what you mean.
Also, is the YouTube video someone else’s, and you just posted over top it? It was hard to understand exactly what you were trying to say there.

  1. Do you want any Parts or Models teleported? Just answer yes or no.
  2. Do you just want the Player teleported, yes or no?

Don’t use free model scripts for simple things like this. Roblox already has a script for teleporting players that I gave (in blue) in my first post, but I can see you haven’t clicked on it. Try the Roblox way of doing it.

I’m pretty sure that your free model is broken and you shouldn’t use it.