Map UI help, how would i achieve this?

If anyone can help me out.
I was wondering how i would go about making a map that you can look around with and zoom in and out on, like the one below

Would anyone know how to achieve this?

To look around the position of all the UI elements would be moved. So if I was trying to look right you would move all the UIs to the left to make it appear as though Iā€™m looking right.

For zooming in or out you would have to change the size of the UIs and also Move them based on their relative position.

For example if I am zooming in by 50% and I had two objects sized {0,100} {0,100} with a gap of {0,100},{0,200} I would set them all to be 50% more which would make them all bigger and also keep the correct scale.

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