Map voting system help


local chosen = {unpack(multimaps)}
		local m1 = chosen[math.random(1, #chosen)]
		table.remove(chosen, table.find(chosen, m1))
		local m2 = chosen[math.random(1, #chosen)]
		table.remove(chosen, table.find(chosen, m2))
		local m3 = chosen[math.random(1, #chosen)]
		table.remove(chosen, table.find(chosen, m3))
		mapvoting:FireAllClients(m1, m2, m3)


local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local mapvoting = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("MapVoting")
local button = script:WaitForChild("Template")

mapvoting.OnClientEvent:Connect(function(m1, m2, m3)
	local m1button = button:Clone()
	m1button.Parent = player.PlayerGui.GameUI.MapVoting.Main
	m1button.Text = m1.Name


 Players.woloexe.PlayerScripts.MapVoting:9: attempt to index nil with 'Name'  -  Client - MapVoting:9
  14:07:39.070  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  14:07:39.071  Script 'Players.woloexe.PlayerScripts.MapVoting', Line 9  -  Studio - MapVoting:9
  14:07:39.071  Stack End  -  Studio

please help im confused on why its not working

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What is “multimaps”? Is it already an array of objects?

its a table of all the minigames in my game

Going to assume m<x> is a model. If the map model is located in a server-only container, the client will receive it as nil. Just pass over the name.


Put a print(m1, m2, m3).
What prints?

omg im so dumb yeah ur right tysm ill try that rn

it prints the maps names and stuff

Don’t call yourself dumb, we all make mistakes sometimes!

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i wasnt serious xdd i just meant it as i never thought of that