Map==(diffrent styles of buildings)

== Constructive Criticism ==

_Basically I feel that we all need some sort of recognition once in a while. I’m sure we all have second guessed ourselves at one time or another and its nice to see what other people think and help on where I can improve.

I was just making a little map so I could learn how to script simple things like light switches, fans, inventory and gui’s also doesn’t hurt practicing my modeling skills. Thanks for your time and please help with feedback is greatly appreciated


robloxapp-20210107-0321102_Trim.wmv (2.2 MB)
robloxapp-20210107-0321102_Trim (2)_Trim_Trim.wmv (3.8 MB)

==Updated Photos

=Original Map Photos=


Random Map Photos

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-Thank you to everyone that took the time to look at my work