Marble spins too fast while riding it

  1. I want to achieve a marble that you can ride and it will go around in the water.

  2. The issue is that when I move with it rotates too fast and gets out of control.

  1. I tried changing the physics but since I am not very familiar I’m not sure what would make it spin less.

It would be better if you show us your code

not sure why you would need it since all the code is doing is adding a velocity for the marble to go forward.

BodyVelocity.MaxForce =,4500,4500)

that’s basically all I have

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btw it works perfectly on the ground it just doesn’t find the right physics on the water to rotate normally since it has nothing to have friction with.

I’m not totally sure what might be the fix to this, but have you tried stopping the water wave speed?

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I did not try that but I just welded a block at the bottom of the marble and it seems to be more stable. The only problem is that it doesn’t rotate much.

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Will this be a little more helpful?

A block is square shape and the bubble is a sphere. It won’t rotate much since the block will get stuck again and again.

yeah but at least it’s controllable :rofl:

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Any more news on the water problem?

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Not much. I think that the post you gave me is a bit too complicated for my current understanding. I will still try it out tho. I’ll keep you updated.

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