Mark BodyMover API Pages as "Legacy"

The BodyMover class has been superseded by a variety of new constraints, and when one searches around, it becomes clear that BodyMovers aren’t recommended for use in new work. Normally this would lead to the class and its corresponding devhub pages being marked as Deprecated, but since “BodyMovers are so widely used they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon,” they’ve been placed in a weird limbo called “Legacy” where they’re technically supported but not recommended.

That’s the justification for not marking them as Deprecated on the API pages–fair enough, but there’s no alternative indicator that BodyMovers are legacy objects. It would be great if the pages were edited to reflect this in some way, and better yet, have a link to their updated counterparts.

Here’s a list of pages to update and what they should link to:

Also, since I don’t know if there’s an existing warning for Legacy objects, I used my Extreme Inspect Element SkillsTM to make one: