Marketplace Connecting Roblox Developers to Roblox Youtubers

For the past 8 months, my co-founder and I have been working on a marketplace that connects Roblox developers to Roblox Youtubers / TikTokers. We’re calling it Social Seed!

I had thought of the idea because I was constantly reaching out to big TikTokers and Youtubers, emailing them and trying to see if I could pay them to make a video on my game during updates or releases. 99% of the time, I’d get no response at all, and when someone did respond and I sent them money to make a video, I was also pretty scared that I could get scammed.

Eventually, I found a Youtuber named Glitch who meshed PERFECTLY with my game, we ended up adding each other on Discord, and every other week he’d make a video on my game with custom admin commands I had programmed. His videos would get 1M - 4M Views, and my game would go from 400 players to 2,000 for 48 hours. I’d make hundreds of extra dollars a day when this happened, and that’s when I realized the power of Roblox influencer marketing.

I hired a web developer full-time to build out my website, and we both went all-in on the idea of creating a Roblox creator marketplace, trying to make it the best product we could!

We just launched the site around a week ago, I’ve had loads of people tell me they love the idea and plan on using it, and we have hundreds of small things we’re going to improve on!

I’m wondering though, what do developers think about this idea in general? If you’re a developer and you’ve ever worked on a game that worked with creators- did you get good results? Are there any big things we are doing wrong? Any reason why you wouldn’t feel comfortable using this?

Here’s the link to the group: Social Seed - Roblox
I’d love to hear from you all!

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I really like the design, it is very well made and the idea is very well made into the website.
-I think the sites from where you want your creators from or whatever that section is, should be expanded on. There are only three options so far: YouTube, TikTok, FreshCut.
It feels limited, and are mostly just media sites.
-I am not sure how people display how many average views or subscribers they have on sites, I looked around the profile and “find creators” pages and cannot see it, unless I’m missing it in an obvious space, I think it should be in a clearer place.
Overall, I think it’s a solid 87/92



We plan on opening it up to Twitch, Instagram, and maybe Twitter in the coming months.

The average views are shown directly under the creator card in the creator page!

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Yes, I see where the views and follower counts are, but how do I get them on my profile, or anyone by that rate?

Does it have something to do with uploading a sponsorship?

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Oh only creators have that! Developers don’t have a rate!


Oh I see, that makes sense, Thank You!

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I like FreshCut actually. There’s free robux!

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