MarketplaceService considers my gamepass unavailable

I have a tip jar for my game, whom, combined with a click detector and MarketplaceService, allows players to donate a certain amount of robux. However, MPS regards my item as “unavailable”…

…despite the gamepass being clearly available on the Roblox Store.
The script is as following:


Anyone knows what may be the issue? Thanks in advance.

PromptPurchase I believe only prompts Dev Products, and Asset Purchases

Consider using this function instead

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I implemented your code which seemed to show some progress except that now Roblox claims the item comes from a third party (even though i made it) and has therefore disabled the purchase.

I believe you have “Third Party Purchases” disabled in your Game Settings then

Try enabling that if you haven’t done so already

Try using developer products:

Game settings → Monetization → Scroll down to developer products → Create and save product → Copy ID into script.

If your game is connected to a group, it should send the funds to a group too.

wait won’t that let anyone make gamepasses or something?