MarketplaceService SslConnectFail error?

Players in my game have been reporting this error in the console:

LoadingScript->InfoProvider:LoadAssets: MarketplaceService:getProductInfo() failed because #### 0 (HttpError: SslConnectFail)

I’m not sure where this error comes from, what it means, or what it effects. I’ve never gotten the error myself, so I can’t debug it. There is no script in my game called “LoadingScript”, so I assume it is an internal script. Does anyone know what causes this error or how to fix it?



If it’s about failing SSL connect, I think it should be something to do with the HttpService.


Judging from a brief search of the DevForum and the Roblox CoreScripts GitHub repository, LoadingScript seems to be a CoreScript responsible for, well, loading. This may potentially be material for a bug report.