Marvel Resurgency - Hiring Devolopers

Good morning,Im currently hiring devolopers for my group Marvel Resurgency,Our current project is to build New York City from “The Avengers”,“The Amazing Spider-Man”,“Fantastic Four” And “X-Men” Franchises.

Existing Locations Include :

Queens,Times Square,Central Park,Etc.

Non Existing/Fictional Locations Include :

Avengers Tower,Avengers Compound,Empire State University,Midtown High,The X-Mansion,The Baxter Building,Aunt Mays House in Queens,Peter Parkers Apartment,Oscorp

Pictures :

Oscorp :

Aunt May’s House :

Avengers Tower :

Avengers Compound :

The X-Mansion :

Queens :

Times Square :

Midtown High :

Empire State University :

Baxter Building :

Peters Apartment :
Any apartment near Central Park,as long as theres an interior.

We’re looking for skilled builders.Please send prints of anything you’ve built and put up a price for the work,you can contact me VIA The group Marvel Resurgency - Roblox or by adding me “IPeter_IParker”.Payment should be done in group funds,Robux.

As requested more info : im probably paying per build or per hour,im not sure how much,BUT I do know how much robux ill have avaible(If it requires more ill try to arrange it.My apologies if it seems little,Its my first time trying to hire a devoloper of sorts,so having that said I’ve never paid one before) : R$10.000

Update : I’ve managed to get R$11,000 Robux.

Update 2 : Due to my parents card not going through,the 11k robux option didnt work,now im having to stick with 4.000 robux,so im going to wait until later to go hiring devolopers

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Would we only be making the Exterior or an interior as well?

Depends on the location.

Example : Random Buildings wouldnt need interiors,but Peter Parkers apartment or The Avengers Compound would.

Conclusion : Important Buildings Such as listed above,Yes.The rest of the city,No

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So, you’re only looking for builders ?

FOR NOW Yes…Currently we only need a map.LATER I Might expand to scripting and such

You might wanna change your title to “hiring builders” instead of “Hiring developpers” then

How would you deal with the inevitable copyright issues?

Some companies don’t care as much when it comes to copyrights. Roblox probably won’t take the game down unless there’s a lawsuit.

Please try to include more payment details such as:

  • How much are you willing to pay?
  • Do you pay after the game is finished or do you pay per hour?

Its not gonna be a big deal game,just something for me and my group

That’s not an excuse. You never know beforehand when a DMCA strikes.

Doesn’t matter. Depending on the technicalities, you still may be earning money which might knock down your Fair Use reasoning (premium payouts exist!)

1.Its an RP Game for my group

2.There will be no gamepasses and no in game purchasables

3.Ive made simple rp games before along with some ppl.

Regardless, premium payouts will still potentially pay you either way, and that is a problem, considering you are making an unofficial Marvel game

Then why arent my other marvel games and games from groups such as the RMCU Or The MU(very popular in the superhero genre) done for…?

For a quality build, considering this project is massive, the price is going to be in the 800usd+. I’ve done projects of similar size and the minimum price offered was 800usd which, using Devex rates equates to 228571+ Rbx$, just a heads up.


Oh okay,that complicates things a little…althrough i will try to get the money,if I cant then ill change the specs to something cheaper,arround the 11.000 or the 4.000 because thats how much ill probably be able to afford by the time its done…Thanks for the heads up mate

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