I am happy to have you. As soon as you join the group we will start working I want it to be as quick as possible (I want to pay them quickly)

Sorry but I don’t use pennies in my country. Are you interested in the position?

I can join the group later. Around 5:30 GMT

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please send me your discord
my discord is : Nicolás DEV # 4794

This hiring post is pretty vague. I would be interested if it wasn’t for some things:

  1. You’re obscuring many details about the game that developers need to know if they’re interested in the post. You merely mention that it’s like Friday the 13th. You aren’t running a monopoly - there are lots of horror games on ROBLOX.
  2. You seem to not have a lot of ROBUX to fund the plan. 50 ROBUX isn’t a backup plan, it’s what you pay for a simple chair or house. Developers often aren’t creating games for fun, they do it to earn money. I suggest gathering more incentive before you start hiring.
  3. You haven’t described the jobs enough. What are people building - maps or stages? What are people expected to script? How much GFX does one need in a game?
    Details about this post are needed if you wish to interest people into joining your team. Best of luck.

I tell you the details in private (I don’t want to divulge information) this project is supposed to be the most discreet.
you are interested ???

the pay is debatable (if the game fails maybe the pay increases)

I don’t want to be rude but I beleve that this game won’t become famous due to your budget and way you are talking in this post. Your backup plan is 50 robux, if you go through other posts you will notice that simple trees and props that require 1 hour at most are sold for 200+ robux. You are looking for 2 of each, it’s hard to work with that many people with same tasks. And developers are required to work 1-2 hours per day and they will be supervised. If you are aiming for front page game and want devs to work 2 hours per day you would look at around 15-80$ (not robux) per day minimum. But still I wish you good luck.


you are absolutely right I will put more payment

The game will try to collect what you can most for its developers (also sell objects and etc)

Please do not come to make fun of the payment

Can you not?

The Developer Forum is a civilized place for developers to interact and/or communicate with each other. There is no need to be a bully or make unnecessary sarcastic comments simply because someone isn’t very high in funding, thus that user in question cannot provide a real backup payment.

As much as I agree that the backup payment is not a real backup payment nor fair, I’m still not making fun of this user as this could be someone who creates ROBLOX’s next top game.

I think you should be giving OP tips and constructive criticism rather than laughing at the fact he has lesser funds than the average developer.


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