About Us

hello we are MASCOT STUDIOS we are a small team of developers, we want to make a very big and very famous game, in my group we learn to help others.

The Team
@ALANWAL44 - project leader
@vibechxck - profit manager and head developer
@username - UI x1
@username - scripter
@TacticalDoggo14 builder
@Robin_Playzz - builder
@Robin_Playzz - GFX x 1
@TacticalDoggo14 - meshes x 1

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to join our team.we want it to be a success, we need your help for this the game is similar to friday 13th
what we need to finish the game is game map and GUI (the lobby is already done)
When the game comes out, developers are paid monthly. as soon as we finish this game we will have to do another one so that our group is famous
I give the information in discord and the work tasks
(don’t come to insult please)

they will have to work 1 hours a day (they will be supervised)


I am paying a% of the winnings of the game (it will be discussed through my discord)

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord. Nicolás DEV#4794
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


if you could describe more about what the builder would be doing, like:

  • how large you want the map

  • how many maps you want

stuff like that.

Also do you have a back up plan for payment if the game is not succesful

I’m up to being the GFX Artist if the payment is changed to pay per asset, so if you ever do, give me a DM on here or at Discord (SaltEthan#9547). Here is my portfolio: SaltEthan - GFX Artist For Hire

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What is the game idea? Please add some more detail to your post.

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If I have a backup plan. Developers are paid 50 robux if the game is not famous

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Im interested in scripting, but id require some sort of payment upfront.

The game will be scary. We want it to be like Friday the 13th.

Sorry but I can’t pay you in advance (I explain more privately)

If that is the case then you certainly don’t need 2 UI designers, 2 programmers or 2 builders. Just have one of each, it’ll save you time, money and it’s just a bit unconventional to have such a big team for a game which shouldn’t/doesn’t require that many developers.

Two of each is a bit over kill.Especially with no upfront funds.

Are any of you two interested? (say yes)

Are any of you two interested? (say yes)

I only work for some type of upfront pay, but I do hope you find someone. If you change your mind dm me on discord maindirectory#1739


the game will come out in beta to raise funds
what I need most are ui
and scripters

but especially I want the game to have many premium objects

I’m up to becoming Builder, you can check out my portfolio on my profile as featured topic.


one question would you like the payment to be after the launch (of the beta)

Please let me know if you know a scripter and a Gui

I’m fine with that, so yeah if i get chosen. U can pay me after the beta

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I am interested in joining the builder and meshed position of your company. I am very good in these areas. PM me on discord: TacticalDoggo#4682