Masker - A UI Masking Plugin

Roblox UI Masking has been requested by the UI/UX community for a long time, but after a long time of waiting with no avail, I took it upon myself to develop a plugin for developers to use when masking UI Images.

This is the current interface for the plugin:

Current Masks
Currently, there are 4 masks: Triangle, star, pentagon, circle.

As the plugin grows I’ll add more masks.

Planned Masks

  • Hexagon
  • Parallelogram
  • Rombas
  • Diamond

Planned Features

  • Ability to edit mask colour
  • More customization through plugin interface

I put my heart and soul into creating this plugin so I hope you guys will like it and use it. You can download it here: Masker Lite [Beta]


This looks interesting, would you mind Open Sourcing it or sharing your approach?

you can download source of every plugin easy

I’m aware, official open sourcing is just more elegant however. Especially if we may contribute on a git repository ourselves.

At the moment I’m not planning to make it open source, but I can share my approach. I’m using viewport frames and parts with decal’s on them to produce the masking effect.

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Hasn’t this already been made, though?


That’s a module. I decided to create a plugin which allows it to be created with just a click of a button. If you want you could use that plugin, but I’d suggest you use the plugin as it’s faster and much simpler.

Here’s the source.

Masker-Lite-Beta.rbxm (27.0 KB)

Very interesting approach, although I’d suggest using one sided planes instead of parts to maximize performance, as a single part contains 12 triangles where-as a single sided plane contains 2.

Interestingly, I’ll keep this in mind when I begin development on the next update. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: