Mass Exile Users from group, and Mass Delete Group Posts

Hey, recently I was put in a situation where someone mistakenly manually accepted 1000+ members into a private group, and I don’t feel like spending 10+ hours exiling all of them. I considered making a new group but I don’t think thats the way to go here… I’ve searched online but I can’t find any way to exile all group members, or delete all group posts. I feel like in general this is a severely needed feature for group owners, as well as a ban feature, but this isn’t what the post is about.
Is there any type of code, extension, or something that can allow me to mass exile users from a group, and mass delete group posts, without roblox bots?

I’d say this is the wrong category, and the only way of going about this would be scripts, which could get your account compromised, your group compromised, etc…

Best case solution would be to make an AutoHotKey which will exile all members automatically, but you’d have to re-invite the ones you wish to keep.

There is no way to do this without Roblox bots. You will need to setup a bot account, rank it a high rank.

Run a free server, login the bot from that free server, possibly running on your PC, then write or get someone to write custom JavaScript code in node.js using package noblox.js to mass exile users.

Or you will have to run a custom program on your computer that exiles user through your account instead. You could use AutoHotKey as mentioned by @Loggkat but that would be even more difficult than just coding it and hosting it on your computer or on a free server like

Honestly the best option for you would be to contact Roblox support and ask them to mass exile the users, they probably have some sort of feature. If not, then just create a new group. If you know or are willing to go through the hassle of creating Roblox bots, then you can do so and create a bot to mass exile the members.