Mass Group Wall Messages Delete Bot

Mass Group Wall Messages Delete Bot

Greetings everyone!

So earlier today I saw a feature post request where someone wanted to have a mass delete group wall messages button in the group due to it being hard to delete mass amounts of messages from a group wall. Due to this and seeing many other posts like this I decided to create a quick bit of JS code which does exact that and want to share it if anyone wants to do this (I know what it’s like if you have a old group where there are mass amounts of scam ads on due to it being super easy to do in the past) so I think this can be super useful for some people.

To use this code simply just go to the GitHub repository below and follow the steps on the readme part of it. I have attempted to make it as easy as possible by making all of the values you need to set for this code to work in one .env file. If anyone need any assistance your welcome to contact me and I can try to help. Just something else to add also is due to rate limits Roblox allows you to delete like 100-200 messages before you have to wait a few mins to delete any more.

Link to GitHub:

Things you need to include in the .env file:

  • GROUP_ID = The group ID your Roblox group to delete the messages on
  • ROBLOX_TOKEN = This is your Roblox security cookie. The reason why the code needs this is so it can use your account (or an alt account) to mass delete the messages.



Doesn’t the Roblox API have a Rate Limiter? How will you solve this problem?

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That is why I said after a few times of using the code you need to wait 5-6 mins or something cuz it rate limits you.

You could by theory have it delete the messages at a slower rate but you would very likely still rate limit at a certain amount (I could not be bothered to implement a rate limit) and there is nothing I can do really do about the rate limit due to it being what Roblox implemented. I have tested it and it can delete 100-200 messages before you get rate limited and need to wait a bit.

Would you be able to include an optional parameter to clear all posts from a specific person. This would have helped me when I was purging my messages on my wall a few weeks ago :sweat_smile:

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Yea sure I can try to add this as a feature. I will have to do it later today however due to being busy right now (I will ping you on an update once done).

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I just found that there is an API you can use so if you want u can just use that (I will still add it later but just to let u know).!/Wall/delete_v1_groups_groupId_wall_users_userId_posts

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I’m not putting my Roblox security cookie, if you’re the owner of this specific script, then you’re able to do anything that we insert.

Um I don’t think you understand how code works… It’s legit open sourced on github and you download the code locally so how the hell could I steal your Roblox security cookie (unless I added code inside of the code to steal) but I mean your welcome to review the code before using.

Before claiming that people are gonna steal your Roblox security at least understand how JS code works cuz it’s just rude. At the end of the day if you really think someone is going to steal your security cookie then there is no need to tell them and comment which will spam up the post :laughing:

The only real reason you need to put the Roblox security cookie in is so the code can mass delete the messages (there is 0 other way). I never said you need to put your personal account security cookie in and if your that worried you can just use an alt account.

At the end of the day I am not forcing anyone to use this code and I don’t even care if no one does tbh. It is code I made cuz I saw a ton of people asking for a button to mass remove group wall messages so I thought I would make some quick.


Update 1: Adding new delete messages function

Hello all!

I have updated the code to add a new function called “massDeleteUserMessages”. If you wish to delete all the messages that a user has posted rather then removing all of the messages on a group rather then using the “massDeleteMessages” function you can change it to the “massDeleteUserMessages”.

Please note unlike the massDeleteMessages function you will be required to add a userID into the function. I will leave an example below at the end of this update to show a picture of an example in-case anyone is confused. By default the code will be set to delete all messages on the group wall (up to 100 due to the limit Roblox sets) so you will just need to change the function to the the massDeleteUserMessages if you wish to only delete one user messages.

If anyone has any issues with this update (e.g a bug or is confused) feel free to direct me a DM and I will be happy to assist.

I wish to thank @OnceCrowned for the update idea and sorry for how late this is.

Example of deleting all messages from all users:

Example of deleting all messages from one user only:



Wanted to thank you for the resource! I’ve had to deal with mass spam on the group wall and it’s nice that someone decided to automate it as I was looking for something like this months ago. Worked quite nice.

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Great to hear that it has helped you.

I plan to also update the code soonish because I completely forgot that there are more then 1 page that loads (however I will need to look into it due to the rate limit with removing messages)

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Gotcha, that’s good to see. Bit of a side question but to confirm, you are meant to run the code repeatedly until you see nothing, right? I imagine it also deals with the rate limit. I mainly ask as I noticed that it seemed that the wall was wiped but when checking on another browser, it seems like there’s still more so I’m assuming I need to run it more.