Mass outlining multiple meshes

I’ve been looking for a way to mass outline meshes in roblox without absolutely destroying the tri count, and i havent had any luck yet, i’m trying to recreate something that requires each piece of an arena to come together and form an arena.

Reference for the desired effect:

It seems impossible without the use of textures, since to my knowledge roblox doesnt have any rendering options for it.

Currently, if I use bevelling it works because of shadows, but i’d really like to reduce the poly count and make a more noticeable effect.

If anyone has ideas on how i’d achieve this please let me know, (im not looking for anything like the “cartoony outlines” you can find on ugc, just a way to add outlines to the edges as a texture to around 2000 objects at once. Thanks in advance?

This is probably your best bet. You can probably bake what you have right now to a normal/bump map to reduce the tri count significantly.

I’d prefer not to bake and apply 2000 textures though…

Assuming you’re importing this into studio as one thing, you wouldn’t need to apply 2000 textures.

good thing its 2000 seperate meshes then! yay… If i imported it as one I wouldnt be able to create the arena building effect I want

You could use selection boxes, though apparently they’re not good for performance.

There must be some way of automating it, but I don’t know how. I do know that Blender can be scripted using Python tho, so it’s definitely possible in one way or another.

Can’t you just use a Wireframe modifier?

I think the wireframe modifier will work, i’ll get back to you on that, never used it before, tysm

So, wireframe made gross trianglular outlines instead of solid square ones, which is weird but, i found my own solution using insert faces, deleting the inserted faces and then solidifying the outer edges, ty for helping, wireframe helped me on the right track.