Mass Package Updating

The transition to the use of packages has been great for my experience, however, it is currently very time-consuming to update a large about of them at once. Currently, our devs have to go through each package and manually update it, and this process can be very tedious and time-consuming for our developers when they could be focusing their efforts elsewhere.

The ability to select multiple package models and update them all at the same time would definitely improve how our workflow is structured and I am sure it would not be too difficult to implement.

I spoke to someone at a booth at RDC about this and they said that this could definitely be done, and while it is a rare use case, it would not hurt to have an extra feature that people could benefit from.


check out: Packages | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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This is a different concept than the one I was referring to originally. It seems as this documentation was for updating one singular package across experiences whereas I was referring to being able to select multiple package instances and updating them at the same time.

you can multi-select those packages and right click to get latest changes on them. you can also use the Explorer filter with PackageLink to find all packages in the workspace.

Alright, I will relay this to the team. Thank you so much.