Mass unread PMs

It’s frustrating that Roblox natively displays me having 1K+ PMs, when really it intuitively should be 2k+, but far better than adding that is adding a read all button, because I need to be able to react when there are bugs in my game would could potentially be costing me hundreds of dollars.

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FYI: This use to be a bug reporting it fluctuating from the actual number to 1K+ (that was caused by R+ breaking lol), and a mass unread button suits the problem a lot better


I believe Roblox+ shows exact numbers for messages, friends, and Robux. This could be what’s causing the difference.

Would it be possible to make that default roblox functionality, or toggleable?

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Or you could just mark all your messages as read

I have trouble even dismissing all friend requests despite there being an “Ignore All” button since they’re always coming in. PMs don’t even have that and would have to be dismissed page by page. If you’re constantly getting PMs, they just build up and it’s not practical to mark them as read continually.

I’ll move this thread over to Web Feature Requests for you.

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I can file a ticket about this. To get more details, do you use Roblox+ or any other add-ons? If so, does it toggle between exact number and 1k+ even when you don’t have Roblox+ on?


Yeah it is Roblox+ causing it to display as the exact number, not Roblox. Having it displayed as an exact number rather than 1K+ would be wayyyy more useful because I can react when a new one gets sent.

A mass unread button would be fantastic too.

Being able to react promptly is hugely important to me as a dev because missing a PM with a bug in it could cost me real money.

But just to clarify, this isn’t a bug. I’ll edit the main post

mark-all as read only does the current page, if you have like a couple hundred, or thousands

and per page shows 20 messages, you’ll be there for a while

Then there should be a ‘mark all messages as read’ button. If I never read all my messages I would have 1000s too, but I stopped that from happening by reading them all :stuck_out_tongue:

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same lol

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Gotcha. If it isn’t a bug, I won’t file an immediate ticket about it, but we’ll keep what you said in mind. Does the notification stream alert you in real time when you get a new PM message?

Gotta keep up with your PMs folks

Um, I didn’t actually realise I had notifications enabled, but I checked and I do. I went to Safari settings and I don’t have anything there about the main roblox site.

My settings and Safari's thing

The notification stream will update you in real time when you receive new PMs, then. Hope that helps!

FYI she’s referring to this thing in the top-right of the menu bar, next to your ROBUX / settings cog:

It’ll get a red bubble when you have a notification.

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