Massive amounts of client input lag

I’m having issues with one of my games that for certain users (myself included) there seems to be occasions where massive amount of input lag is produced.

The input lag seems to effect everything, from character movement, camera rotations and even built in GUIs like the menu and can even effect the client window itself and makes it very unresponsive when trying to move it.

I can only get this lag effect on a live server and not while in studio which is very annoying for troublshooting the issue.

I’ve attached a 64 Frame snippit of the MicroProfiler while this effect is happening
microprofile-20210313-170300.html (5.6 MB)

As seen from on the MicroProfiler each frame is maxed out but I can’t seem to pinpoint what I’m supposed to fix as it doesn’t look like its any of my scripts.

Link to the Game that is effected