Massive Dilemma

Not too sure where this post should be but here goes.

So, previously I used IK to calculate the position and rotation however, I realized that it is very VERY computer intensive and slow and I don’t really want to bog the server down. So, I came up with the idea to use constraints instead.

Both work completely fine however I cannot decide which one to use. The game is a combat game so I will need to know what IK system I am going to use for the legs.

These are both system in action
You can’t tell the difference right? The reason why they swing differently is because of mass of the partBone to partJoint is different.
They work almost the same way except that ball sockets are harder to setup and has an extra parameter, MaxFrictionTorque.

Just for reference the Black are the constraints

System Pros Cons
Part>Rod>Part Can make detailed joints easily. LineForce is more forgiving. Rigid and reliable. Cannot customize the Bone(ROD) easily. Harder hit detection. Less constraints so easier to make and (in theory) faster?
Part>BallSocket>Part Easy to customize BoneParts. Easier hit detection Unrealiable when tested with lineforce complex to setup. Glitches when broken.
Which one should I use?
  • JointPart > BoneRod > JointPart
  • BonePart > JointBallSocket > BonePart
  • Inverse Kinematics(please tell me why and leave sources)

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Thanks for your cooperation.

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what helps for me is not seeing it as posible ways to your goals but think of every goal in it self.
what situation would u use jointpart > bonerod>jointpart
what situation would u use bonerod>jointpart >bonerod

and then determain what situation you have

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I think I have decided to just use Rod constraint. I have problems with the Ball and socket as I don’t feel it is rigid enough. Thanks though

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