Massive eagle head bug (rthro?)

I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here… I am wearing this eagle (gryphon) head.

When I play as R6, my avatar looks like this (including ingame)
When I am R15 however, it turns into this
Head Scale is set to 95%. Any idea why this happens?


If I’m correct, I think it’s because the eagle head in R6 is the same size as your other characters body parts. If you go to scale, then switch from R15 to R6, you can see that you can’t change the scale of your avatar in R6. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. Hopefully this has solved something.


Are you able to take a picture in-game in both r15 and r6? Could either be some sort of mesh scaling difference between r6 and r15, or just that your r15 scaling is really tiny and small.

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Its probably not in the correct shape of the avatar. It may not be in rthro shape, meaning that it doesn’t work in other characters.