Massive Gap Between GUI On Nobile

So I have just recently found out that there’s like a massive gap between two gui on mobile for some reason. I have tried to fix it with UIAspectRatioConstraint but to no prevail. Can somebody please tell me what is going on here if you can? Thank you for reading.



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I am sure you were using the Number in the left when you make them
I mean something like this {0.100} and not this {0.1,0}.
or did you use any plugin?

Maybe I can manually help if you tell me what is the UI’s parent size, and the UI’s size and position

I used AutoScale Lite, even after using it it still ended the same way as the picture

Ok tell me the UI size and it’s parent’s size.
Maybe I can change something from it.
It looks like the plugin use the number in the right. so it works like something like pixels (Mobile phone have different pixels set unlike common PC)

those guis that say starter pack ad vip are scaled to {0.47, 0},{0.294, 0}, the ScrollingFrame is sized to {0.999, 0},{0.986, 0}, the scollingframe parent is sized to {1, -24},{1, -24} and the final parent (which is the main frame) is sized to {0.7, 0},{0.712, 0}.

Ok how many gamepass buttons will you add soon?
this will effect how long will the Scroll frame be (also the buttons)

Or I will just try 3 for now, wait ok

i think about probably around 6 gamepasses

Ok is this something you want (for example)
Sorry If I only fix the Scrolling Frame, and the button inside.
Because I don’t know if you add and image label or something that reshape the GUI
and 1 question you may ignore, why so many frame in a frame?

I can send you this Via Free Model From Tool Box
One problem is that maybe I make this too simple so it has more gap for up and down.
+It also Squished In a Tab’s screen

thanks for your help, i forgot to mention that I already solved the problem because my cousin told me how to fix it, am sorry for not notifying you earlier and thank you for trying to fix my problem :slight_smile:

that’s ok I can keep this UI then.
for something else