Massive group change bug

I have left my position as owner of the group “Roblox Bloxxers United” the ownership to this user: Builder - Roblox. Upon transferring the group to the Intended user, It appeared as if the group was still owned by me, despite the correct user being transferred the group.

Afterwards, I proceeded to leave the group, registring it as “No one” while a user claimed ownership without realizing that it was a group already owned. However, the User who was transferred ownership continued to hold the group, as seen below. I believe this may be related to display names.

Edit: The new user attempted to transfer the group back to Builder (the proper owner) for it to glitch out.


EDIT: the group has been restored to it’s proper owner, Builder. the glitched owner left, allowing the intended one to claim ownership.

Edit 3: do not terminate the user involved in claiming the group, he did it on accident.


Are you able to make a consistent set up for this? I’m sure it would help Roblox greatly if you could reproduce this issue, and give us steps on how you did it.

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I’m not sure. Both users had display names, and I had to verify with 2-step before I transferred ownership.

You should title your bug report more descriptively, it’s titled very poorly currently.


I can confirm that this glitch is still active, and I need assistance with it - Time Only - Roblox

I can give more information regarding what’s happening on the backend and how to fix it (and other group permissions issues) if needed. In my case though a quick DB update to get me in the owner role again would be very appreciated… obviously, when Roblox is no longer down and things have settled.

The other developer can’t work now because he’s a member, and I can’t promote him because I have the admin rank and not owner. And we can’t touch the group funds that we need for advertising, link the group to the game, etc.

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I’d imagine that your issue is because of Roblox being down, even though it is similar to this old bug.

It’s been like that for weeks, I just decided to post about it now because I found this thread. We’re in the same situation as OP was except no one has the owner role anymore and I’m the only one ranked above a Member.

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I know I’ve already reported this to Bug Reports account on the devforum, but to give a bug report as previously requested in the thread:

Reproduction Steps

  1. Change the owner of a group using the website (does not happen every time)

Expected Behavior
The user who you selected to own the group will own the group and get the owner role.

Actual Behavior (some of the time)
The user you select will receive ‘ownership’ of the group (in this case Avatar_Korra), but not the actual ‘Owner’ role.

How to fix
When the group owner is changed, ensure the new owner is given the ‘Owner’ or rank 255 role, as opposed to whatever role the previous owner had.

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Roblox Group with bug
Impact: High for those affected
Frequency: Sporadically
Date First Experienced: 2021-07-06 (likely earlier)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-11-02 (still active)