Massless objects have mass? [Solved]

I have some hitboxes welded to the character and they are set to massless but when I print the mass of them to get the total mass of the character so my knockback has the right max force, they register as having mass when I print Hitbox.Mass or Hitbox:GetMass() .

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Is it because it’s part of an Assembly?
Your Hitbox Properties window says the Mass = 0, but if you look lower down you’ll see AssemblyMass = 15.93.

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Oh I see, I think you are right thank you.

How to make it massless then or how to change the AssemblyMass to 0?

I’m not sure. Go through all of the parts the assembly and see which ones still have mass when testing. I know Humanoids can have some properties that may have to be reset every frame if you are trying to modify them.

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