MasterFrigophobia | GFX+

About Me

Hello! I have been on Roblox for around 4 years. I started GFX on March 15th, 2021! I have not been doing it for very long but I like it and plan to do it!


Here are some examples of my work


I am available all weekdays at almost all times! You can contact me anytime!


Prices are negotiable, I accept mostly Robux but may accept Paypal. My prices depend on the GFX itself but R$150 or $2 as a base starting price!


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Quionew#3567

Thanks for reading! :wink:


im gonna be honest here,
i would buy the gxf’s for 15 - 50 robux.
not worth 150

Why is that? I feel like that is very underpriced, 150 is a fair bargain/starting place.

some of them are worth a starting price of 150.

which ones aren’t worth it and why?


This is the same image as above but the characters black.


this one is worth about 100.


This just looks like it was taken in studio and you added lighting in a photo editing program


Just a plain gfx with a body cut of.


This makes no sense.

the black one was for a meme that included the other one, I wouldn’t sell it. The comic one feels more than 100. I am new to realistic gfx and that is what I did, it is how I do my gfx. The head was an icon picture for a discord icon. The carrot is an icon and could still go for like 200.

But whatever, everyone prices differently. I just personally think that my stuff is worth than what said it would be in your eyes.

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