Mastering Lo-fi (+Free Music Download)

Hello all,

Recently on Roblox there has been a number of “Vibe” games. These games allow players to complete minigames, dance, and hangout with friends. Considering the genre that these games fit into, it has become inevitable that music plays a key role in creating the atmosphere that these games need to succeed.

There are many genres of music these games include (heavy metal, etc), but Lo-fi has become a predominant style in most “Vibe/Hangout” games.

In this tutorial, I’ll be walking you through the basics of composing a basic Lo-fi beat, that will make your Vibe game complete!

What is Lo-fi?
Good point. Briefly, Lo-fi is an alternative branch of hip-hop music that has a rough or unpolished quality. There are usually no words, and the melody is very simple.

Steps to Building your own Lo-fi Beat
In general, I like to build my lo-fi songs in three steps:

  1. Chords
    I might as well tell you this now: Lofi is all about the chords. Those warm, complex chords really add a lot. Don’t go crisp, clean sounds. Go for synths and vibes that will blend together and merge in the background. Here are a few of my favorite instruments to build chords with:
  1. Simple Melody on Top
    The melody should stand out from the warm chords, but not sound alien from them. Usually the melody is simple and repeats itself, gradually adding to itself as the song progresses.
  2. Add Drums
    The drums are a really important part of Lo-fi, and I can’t actually say that there is a ton of advice I have on them, because they really depend on the song. In general though, make sure they don’t overtake the melody/ chords. You should also not make them super fast, because lo-fi BPM is slower than most songs (anywhere from 80 - 100 BPM).

Free Demo Project!!!
To demonstrate what I’m talking about, I’ve created a sample project that you can download for free to use at your discretion. The file is in MP3 format.
Song on Soundcloud:

Download as MP3:

That’s all I have. I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and that you enjoy the demo project!


You didn’t talk about mixing and eq and stuff


Fair enough. I can edit it to include that if you like. I didn’t know what music software everyone was using, so I thought that I would just go over the basics of composing a lo-fi beat.