MasterMind Tunnel Module Setup Guide

MasterMind Tunnel Module Setup Guide

Congratulations on your new car wash controller, you certainly made the correct choice choosing MasterMind! Before we begin instruction on setting up your tunnel controller, a few “foundations” must be understood to set up your MasterMind carwash controller.

Firstly, there is the concept of pulses. Pulses are the unit of measurement used in the carwash world, they should not be thought of as Studs, Inches, Feet, or anything else of that nature. Although, there is a way to convert pulses to studs. You should have a “ConveyorPulse” script in your Conveyor that is as shown:

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")
local ConveyorInterlock = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.MainModule.WashOutputs.Conveyor
local Pulse = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.MainModule.WashInputs.PulseSwitch

local PulsesPerStud = 2
local StudsPerSecond = 1

local v = StudsPerSecond * 2 * PulsesPerStud
local interval = 1 / v
local timeElapsed = 0

function PulseUpdate(deltaTime)
	if ConveyorInterlock.Value then
		timeElapsed = timeElapsed + deltaTime

		if timeElapsed >= interval then
			timeElapsed = timeElapsed - interval
			Pulse.Value = not Pulse.Value
		timeElapsed = 0

To convert Studs to Pulses, you must perform this simple equation.
PulseNumber = StudDistance * PulsesPerStud

Keep in mind that pulses are ALWAYS going to be a whole number, never a fractional number such as 2.93 or 4.81, which is why it is also important to know how much your move tool should be set to. To find what your move tool should be set to, use the following equation.
MoveDistance = 1 / PulsesPerStud

Now that you understand the concept of pulses better, let’s move on to some other important topics.
There are some outputs that are ESSENTIAL to the carwash operation. It is important that these outputs are not deleted, or renamed in any way.

  • Conveyor
  • Buzzer
  • EntryDoor
  • ExitDoor

Next, in order to set up your wash equipment locate the “WashEquipment” folder, and find the “Equipment” Module. Rename this module exactly as the output you set up in the WashOutputs folder. Set the “Name” To the exact name as the output as well. Choose the desired output mode:

  1. Full Car
  2. Interlocked w/ conveyor
  3. Tire Applicator
  4. FRONT Half of Car
  5. REAR Half of Car

In the TunnelInfo section, set up all of the pulse info as directed above. If the piece of equipment has brushes, turn the “IsFrictionEquipment” value to true, otherwise, leave it as false. The “IsFrictionEquipment” value enables you to offer touchless washes.

And after all of that, you have a piece of equipment dialed in! Next up, how to set up wash packages. Wash Packages are what enable you to offer different wash tiers, at different price points. All that needs to be done in order to set up a wash package is the following.

  1. Change the Name, and Price variables however that package shall be set up.
  2. List the Equipment Module Modules in the Table.
    After that, you should be all set for a wash package!

To add a wash package to the queue, fire the “PackageToQueue” inside of the “WashEvents” Folder with the following arguments. (Directory to desired package module, Additional Equipment modules for add-ons ({} for none), Is the wash package touchless (True or False), Wash Package Name)

After all of this, you should have a great understanding of how to setup, and use your MasterMind CarWash controller, good luck to you and your Roblox Car Wash Business!

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