Matchmaking Regions

I recently added a Matchmaking feature to my game, and there has been some issues about getting correct regions for the best ping.

I have solved this for the most part by adding a “Region Selection” system that makes the system only queue people who have selected the same region.

However, there has been some issues where for example both players pick “Asia”, both live in Asia, but somehow get a server located in Oregon/California.

The server made for the matchmaking is a ReservedPlace, meaning that the Asian players are the first to join. Despite this, the server is created in a region FAR away from the intended area.

My game is fast paced and heavily ping reliant, almost always demanding under 150ms for high level play.

This has become increasingly frustrating for my player base, especially amongst my European and Asian players. I don’t want to exclude these groups of people from playing.

Is there a way I can ensure two players get into a server that is THEIR region?


Unfortunately there is no way to ensure 2 players get the serveur in their regions BUT because the server region is set when the first player join the reserved server or any server you still can make an UI to select their region and because there is no need for a European player to try to play in Asia server he will select Europe, and if every EU player set their region to EU then it will be a EU server.

This is the issue, I have implemented a UI to select a region, but it still sends the 2 players to a completely different region than intended.

Let’s say for example, two players live in Germany and both select “Europe” on the UI.
When they get teleported, they should get a server based in Europe/Germany, but sometimes they just get servers located in Tokyo, Japan.

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