Matchmaking Service Using Discord Node JS

Hey, I’m trying to make a game that will be using matchmaking. In order to do so, I have got 2 options:
-A matchmaking server-wise (restricted to the server)
-A matchmaking game-wise (between all the server of the game)

I would honestly prefer using a matchmaking game-wise and to do so, I’ve thought of using Roblox Data Store, although the frequency is limited.
I then thought of using an external API such as MongoDB and Discord Bots. Since I’m pretty okay with JavaScript I thought it would be perfect if I could link DiscordJS Bot to my servers.
The only problem to that is that I know how to send data from Roblox to Discord but not how to send the calculated data back from Discord to Roblox.

Does anyone know how to do it, or if it’s possible or not ?

Thank you very much!

Directly from Discord to Roblox? Don’t think you’d be able to do that. A viable solution would be to introduce a middleman. For example, your bot could make changes to a database and you could have your Roblox game scan for specfic changes in that database.

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Can’t you use MessagingService? It would allow a game-wide matchmaking system.

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Uh, I’ve been searching about it. Seems like it’s limited, but not as hard as the Data Store. I’m going to try that.

Genius! That sould make it. Thanks man!

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Of course! Although personally I’d recommend maybe trying something with MessagingService instead for this specific use case as it might be somewhat taxing, hopefully you can figure something out that works!

I’m gonna try both, and I guess see how that works. But it’s quite smart to use a middleman. Haven’t thought of it!

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