Material design standards on the Android app

I know there’s a lot more hype on the device pairing features for developers, but I think Roblox needs to revamp its Android app to adhere more to the Material design guidelines ( ) if they are serious about mobile gameplay and experience. There are many reasons as to why Roblox as a company would want to do this, such as consistency with the rest of the Android user experience and a proven increase of user engagement (Trello updated their app with material and enjoyed a 42% increase in engagement).

I personally try to only use apps that are clean, consistent, and easy to use and for the Android app it does not seem to be so, and therefore I don’t ever use it. For example, when you load a page on the Android app, the icon that indicates that the contents of the screen are being refreshed shows when you load a new page, which always bothers me.

Maybe I’m nitpicking but Google also highly favors apps with material design. If Roblox wishes to take mobile as seriously as it is, then they should adapt to it and potentially they can feature it in a special category or in tech demos, a potential huge PR boost for Roblox.


I’m actually going to be bumping this thread because I feel as if this needs more visibility.
The Roblox Android app needs a complete overhaul. The elements of the app along with its design standards in the midst of the Android ecosystem are extremely quirky (for example, the circle refresh indicator is being used instead as a loading icon).

On paper this seems like a low priority issue, but as I’ve stated, Google promotes good apps significantly, and the Roblox app is very poor.